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Washington, DC, May 21,2014…The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today criticized an advertisement from an anti-Muslim group as “highly offensive and inflammatory,” but said it is clearly protected political speech under the First Amendment.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), a group headed by the anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller, recently placed advertisements on a number of Washington DC Metro buses that state, “Islamic Jew-hatred: It’s in the Quran” and includes a 1941 photo of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini, having a conversation with Adolf Hitler. The League has previously criticized AFDI as “consistently vilifying the Islamic faith under the guise of fighting radical Islam.”

David C. Friedman, Washington, DC Regional Director released the following statement:

“The Anti-Defamation League deplores the use of this Hitler imagery and this message of intolerance. These ads are highly offensive and inflammatory.  Pro-Israel doesn’t mean anti-Muslim.  And support for Israel cannot be built on bigoted anti-Muslim and anti-Arab stereotypes. At the same time, ADL consistently maintains that government censorship is not the right response to hate speech. The League supports the free speech guarantees embodied in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, understanding that the best way to combat hateful speech is with more speech.”

According to Geller, the AFDI ads were run in response to bus ads placed by American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) in April stating, “We’re Sweating April 15 So Israelis Don’t Have To! Stop US Aid to Israel’s Occupation.” AMP is an organization that has promoted extreme anti-Israel views aimed at demonizing and delegitimizing Israel.

“The search for peace in the Middle East is enormously complicated and nuanced.” said Friedman. “It would be hard to think of two groups less qualified to lead a public debate on difficult issues of religion and extremism – especially in ads designed for the side of a bus.”

The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world’s leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.

  • Deuce Prez

    I won’t applaud the statements of the ADL. These aren’t the first bigoted ads Pam Geller has run and the only reason ADL’s made a statement is because she used Hitler in the ad.

    Note the lack of support the ADL’s given to Muslims targeted by hate-speech and hate-crimes. “Anti-Muslim ‘activist’??” Call her what she is: An anti-Semite who’s bigoted against Muslims and Jews who are lock-step with her bigoted, anti-Islamic, anti-Muslim mindset.

  • UnitedWest

    I’m sorry but the picture of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Adolf Hitler are factual and part of the historical record. If you can prove to me the picture is doctored or black propaganda then the ADL’s argument would have merit.

    Hitler and The Grand Mufti created the Nazi SS Handzar Divisions. The Handzar divisions main focus was targeting and killing Jews and they were lethally efficient in their work.

    If you view this picture of Haj Amin el-Husseini with Hitler as bigotry or hate then I’m afraid you need to look inward because the problem lies there not in the historical record.

    Haj Amin el-Husseini and Adolf Hitler are the poster boys for anti-semitism and Jew hatred. The ADL’s mission statement is to raise awareness and stop anti semitism wherever it surfaces. The ADL mission statement is as relevant to 1938 Nazi Germany as it is today as we Jews are still dealing with the legacy and work Haj Amin el-Husseini who passed it on to his relative Yasser Arafat and the legacy he left to future generations currently tasked with eliminating Israel and the Jews.

    If you don’t believe me read the 2nd Paragraph of the Hamas Charter:

    Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it” (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory).

    Thank you

    • Deuce Prez


      No one ever claimed it (the picture) wasn’t history. What fact remains omitted and unmentioned (to this point) is the fact that the Muslim world has and has never had a “pope-like” head. His affiliation, such as it was, with Hitler had no connection with what the rest of the Muslim community was doing or supported.

      And thank you, Tom!

      • UnitedWest

        Deuce – ADL said the “Hitler imagery is offensive and intolerant” Haj el-Husseini was a powerful Muslim leader in the Middle East. Husseini allied with Hitler during WW2. Husseini’s alliance with Hitler was founded on helping Hitler with the ‘Final Solution’ of wiping out the Jews of Europe, classic Jew hatred.

        If the ADL finds this offensive then there are some big problems with the ADL – because ‘Jew Hatred’ makes up approximately 17% of the Qur’an. The fact you are focusing solely on the ‘leader of the Muslim world’ reference and the Caliphate means you agree with the main messaging of the ad.

        Did you know, It is illegal for a non-Muslim to step foot in Mecca and Medina. That is Islamic religious apartheid. Can you find a moral equivalence to justify this fact Deuce?

        IMO – The ADL should be calling for a reformation in Islam if they truly want to address Islamic anti-semitism. Attacking ads like this one defeats the mission of the ADL.

        This is not Tom by the way.

        Thank you

        • Deuce Prez

          Sorry for the name confusion. I thought Tom Trento has a lock on the name. But I digress….

          Being a “powerful Muslim leader in the Middle East” does not give a person much sway or say in the entire Muslim community. Do some research and learn that MOST Muslims are NOT Arabs. Theory BLOWN.

          Can you give the ayat or ayats that teaches the Muslims (verbatim) to hate Jews? And spare us your misinterpretations…. Those are a dime a dozen on the Internet. Make that ½¢ per dozen….

          As I understand, the ADL does want to separate itself from that bigot Pamela Geller, not so much as them “defending Islam or Muslims“. At least they do acknowledge the fact that she’s an anti-Islamic/anti-Muslim bigot.

          Question: Why is it such a grand desire for some non-Muslims to go to Mecca or Medina? I never understood that desire since it was made know to be a desire of certain non-Muslims. Religious apartheid? I have no say in that as I’m not one enforcing said stipulation. I’m a US citizen. But years ago, my wife & I were almost arrested for simply turning off of the George Washington Parkway into the NSA exit. Period. That had nothing to do with our religion. We just turned where they didn’t want us to turn.

          Though you’re probably not an Israeli, can you explain their zionist apartheid system….or will you, too, deny that those zionists are enforcing apartheid onto the Palestinians?

          Lastly, do you know what a Semite is? If you did, you’d know it to be oxymoronic to couple Islam with anti-semitism.

          #RIF (Research Is Fndamental)

  • Mark McDonald

    Members of The Council On American Islamic Relations arrested for jihad terror related crimes: Ghassan Elashi, Mousa Abu Marzook, Randall Royer, Bassem Khafagi, and Rabih Haddad.

  • Mark McDonald

    five Palestinian brothers were convicted in federal court of conspiring to use their Texas-based computer company to make illegal shipments of high-tech goods to Libya and Syria, two nations the State Department considers sponsors of terrorism. One of the brothers, Ghassan Elashi, the company’s vice president of international marketing, was convicted of three counts of conspiracy, one count of money laundering and two counts of making false statements about the shipments. Mr. Elashi, along with two of his brothers, also faces a separate federal trial on charges relating to business dealings with Mousa Abu Marzook, the deputy political leader of the terrorist organization Hamas. Mr. Elashi is also the founding board member of a Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) chapter in Texas, according to the Dallas Morning News. In February 2003, the Muslim Legal Fund held a fund-raiser for the Elashi brothers, hoping to raise $500,000 for their defense. As the Morning News reported then, two of the Fund’s board of directors had ties to CAIR.

  • Mark McDonald

    Randall Todd “Ismail” Royer – who most recently served as communications director for a fund-raising effort sponsored by the American Muslim Council – allegedly trained in Virginia for holy war against the United States and sent several members to Pakistan to join Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Kashmiri terrorist group with reported ties to al-Qaida. A federal judge sentenced him Friday to 20 years in prison. In a plea bargain, Royer claimed he never intended to hurt anyone but admitted he organized the holy warriors after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S., according to the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C. He was among nine men who either pleaded guilty or were convicted in connection to the charges. Two others were acquitted on all counts. Royer, 31, of Falls Church, Va., also was on the national staff of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a group that considers itself a leading civil rights voice for American Muslims. Later, he was a spokesman for the National Liberty Fund, which is defending Sami al-Arian, the Florida professor in federal custody as an alleged leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

  • Mark McDonald

    Ghassan Elashi was a founder of the charitable group Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development and the Texas branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and a vice president of the Richardson, Texas, internet company InfoCom Corporation. In a second trial that concluded in November, 2008 (the first had ended in a mistrial), Elashi was convicted of terrorism financing crimes related to financial dealings with the Palestinian group Hamas. Elashi is appealing the verdict. He and his co-defendants contend that the Holy Land Foundation funded legitimate humanitarian aid in Palestinian territories rather than Hamas.In 2002, Elashi was indicted, along with Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, a senior member of Hamas, for directing funds toward the group, which the U.S. Department of State has designated a terrorist organization.[2] InfoCom shared personnel, office space, and board members with the Holy Land Foundation, and both received investments from Hamas leader Marzook.[3] Elashi was arrested in December 2002 and charged with conspiracy, money laundering, and dealing in the property of a designated terrorist. The government later allowed the case against Elashi and his codefendants to be split into two cases. In 2004, Elashi and two of his brothers were convicted for illegally shipping computer shipments to Syria and Libya, which were U.S. State Department-designated state sponsors of terrorism.[4] On October 13, 2006, Elashi was sentenced to seven years in prison.[5] The second cased ended in a mistrial in 2007,[6] but Elashi and his codefendants were convicted after a retrial, in November 2008. In 2009, Elashi was sentenced to 65 years in prison on federal charges of funneling 12 million dollars to Hamas.[7]

  • Mark McDonald

    Muslims complaining about a video at the new 9/11. CAIR asking the National September 11 Memorial Museum to remove the mention of Islam in the video is bigotry. Or as a “Real Americans would say, they are calling the kettle black. According to CAIR, the mention of “Islamist extremism” or “jihadism” should not be associated with faithful members of Islam and would misinforming museum visitors, particularly those unfamiliar with Islam.” CAIR associates a hate group members wanting to kill Muslims as vicious and extreme while shouting their killing chant much like a Muslims shouts “al akhbar” while killing. In summary, CAIR has described other groups in the same way Radical Islam was described in the video and CAIR refuses to tolerate it

    • Cesar Abraham

      What a pea brain you truly are

      • Mark McDonald

        “The truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.” Phil Robertson ; Duck Dynasty

        • Deuce Prez

          And that’s the whole point. It’s NOT truth, but a distortion thereof.

          Islam had nothing to do with the terrorists’ attacks of 9/11 infamy and any “Islamic-sounding” verbiage implicates Islam and all Muslims.

          By the way, we love the truth and hate lies. We’re not too fond of those who spew those lies, either….

          • Mark McDonald

            so, what you are saying is when Muslims shouts “al akhbar” while killing or quote the Quran, it has nothing to do with Islam, right?

          • Deuce Prez

            EXACTLY!! Now, you’re catching on….! How can saying (and I’m sure you meant) Allah-u-Akbar (Allah/God is the Greatest) or quoting from the Holy Qur’an while doing something un-Islamic be Islamic??!!

          • Mark McDonald

            LMAO RIGHT…………. and you want people to believe you LMFAO

            Does that work in your world?
            Can you explain why this only happens in Islam?

          • Deuce Prez

            Yes. Truth always works in my world. In which imaginary world do you reside…..??

            Put your arse up while you’re at it….

          • Mark McDonald

            please, explain why this only happens in Islam?

          • Sawab King

            maybe cause after-life is overly emphasized in islam?
            But in all honesty, even if a muslim says f*** you while doing something nasty, you can bet fox news will report that he said allah hu akbar.

          • Mark McDonald

            strange comment, how did you add fox into this media page?

  • Rafe Husain

    Hitler had more than a few christian allies or no?
    Ww2 was fought between christian countries costing the lives of some 50+ million civillians mostly christians along with 6 million+ innocent jews. And this group wants to blame muslims for ww2. The antisemitism in ww2 was also primarily of Christian origin ala adolfs twisted cross..

  • Sawab King

    ADL likes free speech but removed comments! PS: we know that hitler, the holocaust, and nazi are registered trademarks of the ADL. (c) 1945 ADL inc. Maybe geller needed to pay royalties.